Combat Veterans Waterfowl Association

The Combat Veterans Waterfowl Association is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping combat veterans reintegrate and heal from PTSD and other combat related issues through social outdoor activities. Duck hunts are organized, at no cost to the veteran, through our association. All we ask of those who come out to hunt is to have a great time and share your experience with others.


 “Putting Our Combat Veterans First”

 “No matter our differences, age, sex, background, injuries, experiences and hardships, when in a duck blind, we are all simply duck hunters.  And hopefully one day, the hurts and scars will be a distant memory replaced by happier memories of duck hunting.” –MG (Facilitator)


Combat Veterans Waterfowl Association is a 501(C)19 Tax Exempt Organization: #45-4448811 | Rocklin, CA


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