Applicant/Hunter Information

You must be a Combat Veteran to register for a hunt through CVWA.  The hunts are free, however, we ask that Veterans provide their own Firearm and appropriate clothing.   All CVWA sponsored hunts will STRICTLY adhere to CA DFG Laws and Regulations and Property guidelines.

Applicants must complete the registration form on the “registration” link under the “hunt” page. Once the form is completed, a CVWA Hunter ID number will be assigned. Prior to participation on a CVWA hunt applicants must read, sign, and submit Hold Harmless Waiver & Rules and Regs forms which can be found under the ‘Forms’ tab. CVWA Hunters can then select a Hunt Date/Location from available dates posted on the “Hunt Calendar” and sign up for as many hunts as they wish. To be considered for a hunt you must select an available hunt date on the calendar and complete the email sign up process. Hunt dates will be closed for sign up 5 days prior to the hunt.

If there are more applicants than spaces available, a lottery selection will be made and those selected will be notified. Notification will include meeting location and time and the contact number for the Facilitator.

**Hunts will be scheduled every Sat/Sun of the season and qualifying “Storm Days.” Some walking should be expected to get to and from the hunting blinds.  We will make every effort to accommodate requests for special assistance.  Please contact us with any questions.


A CVWA Facilitator will accompany EVERY hunting party, remain in the Blind for the duration, and perform duties generally expected of a hunting guide. The Facilitator will be responsible for the following:

1.  Meet the hunting party at a pre-determined meeting location

2.  Brief the group on CVWA rules and specific property rules

3.  Ensure all paperwork is completed

4.  Provide one (1) box of 12 Gauge 3″ ammunition to each hunter, escort group to the blind,  and assist in setting out decoys

5.  Facilitate the hunt, recover decoys, secure the blind, and escort group back to meeting location.

At the completion of the hunt, the facilitator will hand out exit surveys to be completed by the group, and provide any additional information required.

Each CVWA Facilitator will be knowledgeable not only in waterfowl hunting but also in all the Veterans benefits and services that are available to you.

Thank you for your interest and participation.


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